3 Reasons Why Your Business Might Be Loosing You Money

Alright babe, I know the most nerve wracking thing about having your business is trying to find clients and keep that cash flow coming in! Maybe you’re in a place where you are finishing up with your current client and have no one else lined up, or you are just starting out and wanting to make waves in your industry! Whatever it may be, here are some of the reasons your business might not be making that moolah you desire!

#1 You are pricing your offers to compete with competitors or because of your experience.

This is the number one mistake I see right now. I came across a designer the other day who has amazing work that i’ve pinned a kagillion times on pinterest, but their pricing for branding was 200 USD…..200!!!!  Their transformation was worth well over 5,000 but they just weren’t charging that. Even if you’re just starting out, you need to be basing your price based on the value of the transformation. If you believe in your services, then your prices should show that.

#2 You’re lost in self doubt.

I’m gonna be blunt, if you don’t believe in your services and show that you believe in your services, NO ONE ELSE WILL. If you are doubting your services, take a break, make them the best they can be, present them in a way that makes them irresistible, and then go show them off. You aren’t going to get any clients with half ass belief in your own brand. Mindset is the biggest game changer, because having faith that you are deserving of gaining new clients, and are going to transform their life with your services, is going to push you through any failures that might come your way. YOU’RE FREAKING AMAZING AND REMEMBER THAT.

#3 You don’t have a home base.

Now this is something I will never understand. You present your services online maybe on instagram, and only have a milkshake site or just a linktree. BABE, your website is your home base. This is the place where people really get to know you, your services, why you’re different, and how you will solve their problems better than others they might be looking into.

Another possibility is that you have a website, let’s take a photography site for example, but your homepage is already your portfolio. UM NO. That is not the way to attract those dreamy clients!! Anyone can make a page and put photos on it. Your homepage is a preview into your brand, and a place to draw them deeper into your site!

This is why in every single website Frinklys creatives we make sure we highlight your ideal clients pain points, make your services look irresistible, and show off your sparkly personality! You don’t need just another pretty website, you need a home base that feels like an extension of you!

So Whats Next?