4 Effective Ways To Attract More Clients

Running your own business can be STRESSFUL, but the biggest obstacle you can have is finding those paying clients! There are many things people claim you need to have in order to get clients, like paid ads, working for free until you have a portfolio, and other things that end up making you loose money and time!

Time to share the true, honest, effective ways to attract more clients!

Make your service suite amazing

Let’s be honest, we all know there are a tons of people in our industries doing the exact same thing that we are (some with less experience and less talent). Your services need to not only give your ideal clients the deliverables they crave, but an experience unlike any other. GIRL, the thing that sets you apart from the others is your experience, so time to make that undeniably desirable and the process smooth!

Content that sells authentically to warm up the client

If you can name a time where you bought something when someone just sold to you cold in the DM’s or in their instagram story without any proof or reason, that would majorly surprise me! For me if anyone DM’d me their services randomly thats an automatic delete. Time to develop authentic relationships, and talk to your clients in a way that speak to their pain points. Tell about the experiences your past clients have had or the transformation new clients could achieve! Your clients have so much on their plate and might not even know what they’re missing. These are the pain points you want to hit. Once you have related in a genuine way, mention how your services assist in solving their problems!

Create content with your ideal client in mind, not others in your field

I see business owners making these mistakes a kazillion times! They makes content targeted towards others in their field, like photographers posting photography tips. These are just going to attract other photographers looking for advice and tips. If you don’t have a service targeted towards them that you can up sell to, then your content is not making you any money or gaining you new clients. Make sure everything you do leads to a service!

Show up as you and only you

People buy from people and being able to relate to their experiences. We don’t buy from businesses that are all sales and no relationship! Lets say there is you and another business that a client is trying to decide between. If you’re simply just stating your services, and where to buy them, while your competitor shares parts of their life, behind the scenes, and how they help people while having the same services, that potential client is going to go with your competitor! Make sure you not only share your sparkly personality and what sets you apart in your stories, but make sure that is clear in everything you do. Your content, your branding, and your website.

Frinklys doesn’t make just another pretty logo or website. We make sure your brand feels like an extension of you and makes waves in your industry!

Time to get out there, be your authentic self, and relate to your clients on a deeper level!

So Whats Next?