5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Inquiries

I’m sure most of us business owners know this feeling of dread. You’ve just finished up with your last client and you’re (to be honest.. a little desperately) scrambling to find the next one. You’re doing everything you can, posting daily on socials, emailing old leads, asking past clients to spread the word, and nothing… a dry spell!

If you are in this position right now, there are 5 issues you should be focusing your attention in order to draw in your dream clients.

Your Services Are Not Specific Enough

Babe… if you’re offering 5+ services you need to START FROM SCRATCH. In order to be the expert at what you do… you need to be GOOD at what you do. Offering every possible option in order to please whoever visits the site, makes you a master of none. The ideal amount of services to offer is between 1-3 and their processes should be clear with desirable messaging!

You Have No Niche

Niching down is so important. Everyone is not and will not be your audience. Each person has their own set of pain points, what they’re looking for, and what attracts them. FIND YOUR PEOPLE, and talk directly to them!

You’re Not Relatable

Honey you aren’t a robot, start talking like yourself! Connect to your audience in a genuine way as if you were talking to a friend. Pitching what you do instead of sharing about you, your struggles, or your story, will make you seem like you don’t want a personal connection that most people looking to invest, crave.

You’re Not Displaying How You Solve Their Problems

You can give all the benefits you want, make your services 20 – 50% off but if you aren’t explaining what your specific service does for them that makes it worth their attention, that is an automatic no no! Are you saving them time? Taking pictures that are memories that will last a lifetime? Make it clear exactly why you are different than all the other possible options they might be looking at and how you solve their problems uniquely.

You’re Not Being Positioned As The Expert

You need to take your self as seriously as you want others to. Make sure everything you put out gives off authority and is very clear. Invest in yourself, constantly be working on your processes, and be consistent! One of the best ways is to show that clients in the past have trusted you! Highlight references, first hand stories, question and answer sections, and visual proof!

Your business should feel like a continuous story where everything that they see is consistent! Your branding, website, and the way you present yourself is a reflection of you and should be what takes them from knowing you to trusting.

So Whats Next?