Easy SEO Hacks To Boost Your Websites Traffic

For most of us entrepreneurs SEO is this mysterious unknown force that can either help you make money, or do absolutely nothing. We know it’s the organic way of appearing higher in the search results without having to advertise, but no matter how much the “Suzis” on Instagram swear they’ve mastered it, no one has concurred the googles algorithm beast entirely (at least not all at once).

As sad and as disappointing as it sounds, no one can instantly update your SEO settings and boost you to number 1 as there are a lot of factors that go into it!

HERE COMES THE BIG BUT!!!  If you incorporate just a few of these proven easy SEO hacks, you’re already on your way up the search results ladder! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Make Your Page Titles / Names Clear

Now this is probably self explanatory, but make sure that both google and your potential clients know what page they will be clicking onto! “the good stuff” doesnt explain anything (yes i’ve actually seen a website with that page title). Along with that, don’t over use the h1 header too many times on a page, try to stick to once.

Optimize Your Images

Holy moly, this is like the big daddy of SEO, because images impacts so many aspects.

Let’s start atnthe beginning before uploading anything, make sure the image isn’t named IMG_2034. That explains exactly ZERO to google about what the image is of, and reduces your possibility of the image ranking in image results. If the image is of a couple getting married, name it more like young_couple_married_boho_dress. Be descriptive!

Before you upload that shiny newly renamed image to your website, time to compress that baby! As lovely as those high res shots are, they are going to destroy your website speed! I always recommend CompressJPEG because the image quality is always gorgeous, but that file size is even more so!

Lastly, when you put them into your website, make sure you write the alt text! Describe the image as best as possible and include as many keywords you want to rank for as possible (will talk about keywords below)!

Be Mobile Friendly

Babe… if your website isn’t mobile friendly in 2021, I don’t know what kind of rock you’re hiding under! Showit is amazing for their customizable mobile version which gives you complete creative freedom to switch up content, and give it the sparkle that over 50% of internet users browsing on mobile deserve! This is why every one of Frinklys websites are made with mobile as a priority!

Update SEO For Blog Posts

If you’re gonna be blogging on your website, you need to make sure that your post is optimized for search results! Your title, alt descriptions on images, meta description, internal and external links, and use of keywords should be be updated before you upload! WordPress has an amazing plugin called Yoast SEO that checks all of these sections for you, and gives recommendations! Since Showit works with WordPress blogging, you not only have the SEO that draws clients in, but the Showit design that makes them wanna stay!


These little snippets of words are GAME CHANGERS! Using relevant keywords that your potential client might be searching for throughout your site, gives you a much better chance of showing up in their search results! I tend to do a lot of my keyword research on Pinterest, or by typing in keywords into google and looking for related searches. If you’re looking for a quick an easy way to do your keyword research, check out some programs like SEMrush or Keyword finder!

SSL Certificate

This is probably one of the most simple changes you can make on your site! It’s your time to prove to google and your clients that you aren’t some scammy site and get rid of that pesky “unsafe website” sign! By getting an SSL certificate it proves that your website is secure, and doens’t give any warnings!

Note for all Showit users, an SSL certificate is automatically added to your website, so no need to purchase one!

Showit Additional SEO

I love Showit for many reasons but the fact that they have additional SEO settings for each page, where you can enter a meta description, keywords, a page title, and a share image, is the cherry on top!

Every Frinklys Website package comes along with an SEO section where I update your Showit settings, and make sure you’re off to a great start!

Alright friends! Time to take a few of those strides towards climbing up Googles SEO ladder!

So Whats Next?