Habits of Highly Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Oh Gosh, I don’t know about all of you, but it would take me so long to name all the women that I as business owner look up to. Every time imposter syndrome hits, or I’m having just one of those days, these are the people motivate and remind me what i’m working so hard to become. Success is something each of us are sweating our butts off to achieve daily, and it can be easy to forget and not give yourself the grace you need.

There is so much I admire about female CEO’s who have honed their skills, found routines, and learned what to prioritize when. I wanted to share a few things that these SHINING STARS implement into their routine that we female business owners might be able to steal and master ourselves. We gals should always be raising each other up!

Self discipline.

This is something that I struggle with daily. Working for yourself, there is no one to yell at you to get up or to motivate you other than yourself. You need to learn how to kick yourself in the ass and constantly remind yourself why you chose this path. Surround yourself with others just as motivated and passionate about what they’re pursuing and create a routine that works.

Established morning routine

This goes hand in hand with self discipline, having a morning routine that fires you up, makes you excited to get started, and puts you in that creative mindset is so important. Personally if my morning starts off well and is productive, automatically my whole day feels 10x better. A lot of people take their quiet time in the morning to journal, pray, read, cook a meal that fuels their body, so just take the time to experiment and find what makes you feel the best.

Set boundaries

The hustle lifestyle is so glamourized in this decade, with 16 hour work days and no weekends off, a lot of female creative entrepreneurs think that it’s the only way to get to where they want. These are usually the ones that get burnt out quickly and find it hard to get back up on the saddle. There is always a reason to hustle, but it’s just as important to learn how to rest. Successful business owners set their own hours and stick to them, their phone, dm’s, and emails don’t control them after their work day. Creativity comes from new experiences, taking the time to learn, and meeting others which you can’t do if you’re sat at a desk all day. Set those boundaries.

Read… A lot

Successful females constantly prioritize self development. They read about how others are achieving what they want, learn new business tips, and figure out how to have to perfect work life balance. There is an endless amount we can learn from others, and you should take advantage of that as often as possible.

Stop dreaming and start doing

When they have a new business idea or process to implement, they don’t just talk about it, or think about when would be a good time to implement it. The successful entrepreneurs get down to business and do it. They work hard to plan, and put it out to the world. There are people who never take the risk, and only dream about what they want to do with their lives. They conform to what they think they are meant to do and never jump. Stop dreaming and start doing.

Take risks

You can’t be afraid to fail, but failing is not this big bad wolf we should be scared of. Not taking the risk and regretting is what is scary. In fact failing is something that is more important than success. You learn from your failures, humble yourself, and receive the knowledge of what didn’t work out but will next time.

Plan ahead

It can be hard to stay consistent and think of ideas on the spot. Many successful entrepreneurs plan days, weeks, even months ahead. You can save yourself a lot of stress and frustration by bulking content, and planning your work days in advance. Consistency is key in business because you need to be in front of potential clients at all times. Bulk content creation can allow you to work a few days and schedule what will come for the next few weeks. Those weeks can be used to gain clarity and inspiration for the next bulking day. As for work days it can be hard to feel like you are being as productive as you are. That is truly where imposter syndrome comes out to shine. Making a checklist for the next day or week helps you visualize exactly how much was completed, and receive the sense of pride each one of us needs when working for ourselves.

So friends, keep pushing forward and learning how to implement positive habits into your daily routine. No one is perfect, but consistency and confidence is the key to building a foundation for a successful business, and a happy life! MWAH!

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