How To Sell Out Your Offerings

So, you’ve started your own business, may it be photography, event planning, etc and you’re ready for the clients to come rolling in.

After a few months and a client here and there, you’re confused why your inquiries aren’t turning into actual clients! Honey, I think we’ve all been there.

Which is why you’re business bestie and favourite designer is going to give you the 3 things you need to have in place to sell out your offerings!

  1. Make sure your website is clear on what you offer and answers all their questions.

When people visit your website they should immediately be able to know who you are and what you offer from your homepage. Clear the confusion immediately.

Second your homepage should link them to areas throughout the site that answer their most common questions. For example, if someone has clicked on your site, they want to see what types of services you offer or your pricing. Make sure that is linked on your homepage for easy and quick access.

Bonus if you include on your services page a section for commonly asked questions. If you can clear their mind of the main reasons why they might question working with you, you have a better chance of keeping their interest and avoiding back and forth emails (girl, no one likes those)!

  1. Show why they need you specifically

I’m going to give you a personal example (oooh juicy). When people come across me they would immediately know that I’m a branding and web designer for female entrepreneurs. Okay, but so are 90% of brand designers in the space.

You need to make sure you are constantly telling your potential clients why it is worth while to stick around rather than keep scrolling!

I do this by stressing the importance of making personality the backbone of your design. Your branding and web design shouldn’t feel like a formal document, it is an extension of you and should sound like you and your brand.

This is what sets me apart from the hundreds of designers that for example label them self as working to create holistic brands, having a super lengthy brand strategy process, or those who only work with local brands.

Find what sets you apart and why you are the right choice.

  1. Share real life experiences

Gonna be a bit harsh here, no one wants to hear you always saying “I have a spot open for this date, book now!” You need to establish trust amongst your followers / potential clients by providing them with past client experiences! We as consumers are always a little bit cautious about business potentially scamming us, which is why when we see other people speaking your praises, it brings our wall down a little!

Share client feedback even if its just “oh my gosh I love it”. Anything to prove that others have trusted you with their investments.

I know you’re ready to go out there and find those magical unicorn dream clients!

Reminder, no one can do what you do like you. Time to show yourself off!