Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Rebranding

Deciding to rebrand your business is a big step towards progress and growth, but definitely not one to take lightly! Before investing your time and money into building a beautiful brand there are some key strategic questions that need to be answered!

Having a clear understanding of your brand, its values, and your future is essential to creating branding that’s in sync with you!

Do You Have A Mission / Value Statement?

What is your mission behind your brand, because everything you do should be working towards that. Make you values very clear and present in your messaging!

Do You Have A Clear Target Audience?

Have you identified who you are talking to, what they are attracted to, and how they would get to your brand? Every person has a different idea of the type of brand they would want to work with. It’s time to niche down, find who suits you best, and talk directly to them!

Have You Made Your Processes Smooth?

Your services should be clear, defined, and have a smooth onboarding, and off boarding process. Your branding can be a big deciding factor on whether someone works with you, and it can put a certain visual in their mind of the professional you are. You don’t want to ruin that with a sloppy onboarding process that confuses the heck out of them! Make sure you’re your services are ready for that boost!

Do you Have Ideas In Mind For Your Branding & Reasoning Behind Them?

Think about ideas you have for the rebranding, and look up some inspiration so you don’t come to the table with nothing. As a designer, we start off with zero knowledge of your vision, and work very hard to understand your thought process! Make sure you are clear about the type of design you are expecting, and stick to it! If you give specific examples and inspo, you will have the smoothest most exciting branding process!

Are Ready To Invest Your Time To Be A Part Of The Branding Team?

If you’re investing, you have to be prepared to check your email at least 1-2 times a day during the process for updates. No designer likes waiting for you and sending followup emails until you answer. We want you involved as it’s a very collaborative process! It’s your brand baby, time to nurture its growth!

Read through all these questions and think you’re ready to upgrade your branding? Frinklys is here to help you create a wave making brand!

So Whats Next?