The Signature Frinklys Web Design Process

Your website is hands down one of the top 3 most important parts of your business. It’s a homebase for your potential clients to visit, get to know you, answer any burning questions they have, and honey…a strong beautiful website can be the deciding factor on whether they work with you.

I can totally understand that nerve wracking feeling of wanting to get it right early on, so your dream clients don’t pass you by.

Let me settle your heart & mind, and show you the process we go through with building our clients websites in a way that effectively shows off your brand, its services, and most importantly you!

Our brand & web design package usually takes place over 3-4 weeks and starts out with:

1.Brand Strategy

At the beginning of our project I get you to complete some crucial brand homework (don’t worry its the fun kind)! This includes working through a brand strategy workbook, finding ALL the Pinterest inspiration, and filling out our client questionnaire thats filled with questions on your brand goals! Lastly we have a place for you to put all your website content, the goals of each page, and your login credentials for us to be able to get to work! Our homework is detailed because your business is and it deserves to be effectively shown off!

2.Brand Discovery

Once your homework has been completed we jump on a call go through everything! WE LOVE CLARIFICATION!

We check your content for any improvements or added information we might need, and walk through your Pinterest inspiration to see what your thought process was & your favourite pictures! One of the most important parts of the web design process is always keeping you informed on whats going on behind the scenes, and what I will be working on week by week!

3.Wireframes / Design

Once we are through the branding week, we jump into designing the website wireframes / designs. This allows us to create the layout we think is the best representation of your brand and present it to you in your client portal before going into show it. Of course your inspiration plays a huge part in the feel of your new website, so the more specific you are during the homework stage, the easier it is to create a site that feels like you. AKA PIN TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!

4.Design on Showit

Our last week is when we begin to build out the designs in Showit! We connect it to your account, work through some basic Showit SEO, connect your domain, and facilitate the blog set up if desired.

And that takes us to THE TIME TO POP THE BUBBLY! Your website is ready to be passed over, and launched to the world!

You will be given an upkeep & customization video to make sure that at any point you want to make changes, you can do so without the help of a designer! WE LOVE A GOOD DRAG AND DROP WEBSITE!

If you would like more information on whats included in our brand & web design package, you can visit our services page or contact page to reach out!

So Whats Next?