Why You Need A Brand Not Just A Business

For those daring females jumping into the business universe, branding can be a confusing place filled with anxiety. You have your services all planned out but can still be asking yourself one of these questions

“Do I even need branding, because I think I only need a logo?”, “Should I just start my business and invest in branding later?”, or “Does my branding matter as long as I am offering value? ”

Let’s quickly break down these misconceptions.

#1. Branding brings value in a way a single logo can’t. Branding is a whole experience that includes the way you present yourself, the feeling your potential clients get when they interact with any of your content, and designs that are eye catching.✨

#2. It can be tricky to invest in branding, especially in the beginning, but you have to think of it in a realistic scenario. Would you rather buy clothes from a store at the mall or a stand down the street. You have zero knowledge of either of the businesses credibility, but just from looking at the stand vs the store, you feel the store is more trustworthy. In reality the stand could be offering much better quality items, but because they are not being positioned as the expert (aka being inside the mall), their competition gets the purchase.

Babe, if you’re confident in your services and have a vision of where you want to be, investing in yourself is the best thing you can do…. because guess what? It not only benefits your business, but also helps kick imposter syndromes ass.??

So why is branding a priority for successful businesses?

  1. It helps Establish Trust / Credibility. Most people making investments, are looking for something reliable that won’t be a waste of their money. Branding shows that you’re positioned as the expert in your field.
  2. It solidify’s your brand as more than a hobby. When you brand yourself it shows that you take pride and ownership of the business you’re building. You care about it enough to invest in continuously making it better. Every successful brand has evolved and their past branding proves that.
  3. It makes your brand memorable. We all have that one brand that If we saw anything made by them, we would instantly recognize it is them. That is the ultimate client goal. When you come across a brand that looks established and positioned well you are more likely to remember then a business that has inconsistent branding
  4. It helps you stand out from the competition. If you work with a great designer, they will keep your goals, competition and your personality in mind while creating your brand. When you’re finished you have a brand that is uniquely you and can appeal to your target without blending in with the others in your field.
  5. It provides stronger leads that are more inclined to convert. With a brand that is presented as professional and confident you will receive leads from clients who can both afford your pricing and believe the value that you radiate is the better choice over your less established competition.
  6. It allows you to set higher price points. When you position yourself as the expert, clients will pay for the expert. There are many businesses that look to take advantage of the unestablished brands by requesting more than you provide. Setting yourself up as professional will make room for those who feel confident in your abilities and services. These are often the clients that are business gold for recommendations. Remember getting less higher paying quality clients, are better than more lower paying less than ideal clients.
  7. It allows you to walk away with a clear way to position yourself. A great designer will help you explore your brands personality, how to consistently present it, and how to use your branding in marketing while saving you time, frustration, and confusion in the long run.

So what should I do?

Take the time to really explore how you want your brand perceived, and the look / feel you want the designs to have! Are you a bright and playful brand? Or maybe you’re very serious and professional with a love for black and white. Having a good grasp on your brand and its values, will make the design process a kazillion times easier and the end product something you can be proud of! If you are looking to start out on the right foot with your business, and interested in a designer that truly takes your personality into effect rather than blending you in with the competition, I would love for you to make your story come alive!

So Whats Next?